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*1/4 through a fanfic* wait i’ve read this before

*2/4 through a fanfic* lol no i haven’t wtf is hapenning

* 3/4 through  fanfic* OMG I’VE READ THIS BEFORE

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Honestly, this twist keeps getting to me. It was so well done.

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The exact moment I realized that this is a brilliant show.

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Legendary Wolf.

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"A few films before the end Emma and I were having a bit of a girlie chat in her dressing room and she said: "I’m going to have to end up kissing Rupert, aren’t I?" and I said, "Well, if the books are written as I planned them, you’ll have to kiss both of them," and she laughed so much she fell off the sofa." - J.K. Rowling

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Life as an avid reader can be tricky.

Follow Bloomsbury Publishing on Vine to feel less alone.

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Puny God.

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